About Me

I started collecting stamps in the mid 1980s with Australian first day covers and the usual school boy collection of worldwide stamps. Having relatives in the UK I soon settled on used Britain, and then moved onto mint Australia and Britain.

Over the years my collecting interests have expanded to include Australian territories, a number of Pacific and Atlantic islands, a number of European countries (including France, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands) and Canada. However, my main passion is modern stamps and their production, with the majority of my time spent on four main areas:

  • Decimal Australia
  • Great Britain decimal definitives to 2010 (yes the Machins!
  • Falkland Islands and her dependencies
  • Scandinavia (particular Sweden and Iceland)

Many comment about the number of new issues, and while I generally agree that too many stamps are being produced, to me the variety of production techniques and the possibility of discovering something new is part of their fascination. This was the reason for writing in Stamp News - to publish accurate and timely information about new Australian stamps, hence allowing collectors the chance to get these stamps while they are still available at reasonable cost.

Apart from my own studies I use a wide range of specialised and general catalogues, including the Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue, Stanley Gibbons, Scott, Michel, Yvert & Tellier, Maury, Deegam, Connoisseur and many others. Links to these catalogue producers will be added to my Links page as soon as possible. I am also grateful to the all the staff of Australia Post Philatelic, Sprintpak and others for passing on information, and answering my many varied questions.

Over the years, I have held various positions on both local and state philatelic bodies (including youth coordinator), and have been part of the organising committee for state and national stamp shows. I am also a member of a large number of philatelic societies.

Of course stamps are not my only interest. My fascination for mathematics, lead to a mathematics degree and a job teaching high school mathematics.